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Sales Planning

Quickly optimize sales resources, improve sales performance and predictability, and optimize your listing strategy.

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How Does Workday Support Your Sales Team?

오늘날 급변하는 세상에서 영업팀은 시장 변화에 즉시 대응해야 합니다. Workday Adaptive 판매 계획은 판매 및 재무 계획을 연결하여 올바른 할당량을 배포하고 균형 잡힌 영역을 설정하며 단일 소스를 제공 할 수도 있습니다.

Deploy the right sales representatives in the right regions

영업 사원 계획을 수립 합니다.

대시 보드를 사용하여 자세한 가정 (직원, 성장률, 할당량, 성과, 생산성 및 손실)을 관리하고 구현합니다.

Sales area planning

세계적 수준의 분석을 사용하여 실제 데이터로 성공적인 판매 영역을 설계합니다. 올바른 데이터 포인트를 사용하여 영역을 설계합니다.

Sales analysis and forecast

어떤 일이 발생하더라도 영업 담당자에게 더 나은 예측 방향을 제공 합니다.

If you want to quickly and easily optimize sales resources, improve predictability, then Workday Adaptive Planning is an ideal solution.

Make More Informed Decisions Faster

Automatic integration with company plans allows you to gain insight into functional interdependencies and make predictions more accurately.

Link the staffing plan to your business strategy and costs

  •  Strategically plan incentive compensation to influence higher performance and drive key business results.

  • Determine the impact on the scope of control and sales representative productivity.

  • View the impact of changes in the number of potential employees in real-time. 


Consider variable factors that affect sales

The Workday Adaptive plan will be easily implemented: Develop and modify planning assumptions around quotas, seasonality, segmentation, achievement, promotion, recruitment, productivity, and loss.

  • Compare versions under different assumptions to find the best solution.

  • Understand how changes in your assumptions will affect sales capacity and quota coverage.


Modern regional planning

Using Workday Adaptive planning, you can easily balance and map areas.

  • Optimize the allocation of accounts to ensure regional balance and pertinence.

  • Ensure full coverage of your account environment.

  • Design balance and target area as needed.

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Improve productivity and make better decisions faster

Take advantage of the speed, scalability, and availability of Workday Adaptive plans.

  • Ensure assumptions are based on historical performance and market data.

  • Identify gaps and risks with confidence.

  • Fine-tune performance.

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solutions built for collaboration

Easily collaborate with peers across teams, geographies, and time zones on key decisions. Our sales performance software is easy for anyone to use-it also makes collaboration easy.

  • Divide regional boundaries in an environment, assign accounts and quotas, and assign the number of employees.

  • Seamlessly link sales strategies with company plans.

  • Automatically and intuitively let data flow between plans and versions.

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