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Workforce Planning

With Workday Adaptive Planning,  you can develop the best workforce plan for any scenario, adjust the manpower plan to match the company plan.

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Plan Your Workforce For the Future. Today.

Workday Planning은 더 다양하고 더 많은 전략적 자신감을 제공합니다.

Workday Adaptive Planning을 사용하면 비즈니스 부서에서 표준화 된 계획을 개발할 수 있습니다.

Headcount, cost, and resource planning

채용, 전근, 급여, 보너스, 급여 인상 및 직원 자원의 모델을 만들어 운영 요구 사항을 충족합니다. 조직 구조를 최적화 합니다.

Strategic workforce planning


모델 위치, 역할, 비용, 준비 시간 등. 수요 격차를 식별하는 능력 및 격차를 확인하고 대처합니다.


Talent Planning


위치, 비용, 준비 시간 등에 따라 핵심 기술 능력, 요구 사항 및 격차를 모델링 합니다. 내부 기술 통찰력을 확보하여 인재 적합성을 최적화 합니다.

Allocate staff resources to meet operational needs!

Workday Adaptive Planning Provides a Bright Way Forward

You can flexibly use human planning to raise it to a high level, enabling the human resources department to effectively collaborate with financial and key business partners.

Raise the manpower plan to a new level

Strategic manpower planning is a part of Workday Adaptive Planning. You can view or manipulate manpower data to plan without restrictions.

  • Integrate real-time data from HCM and ERP systems.

  • Plan, optimize and adjust your current and future manpower plans.

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Model your best manpower combination

Model-based on skills such as location, warm-up time, labor cost, etc. Then compare multiple hypotheses, find the optimal organizational structure, and let the right person take the right role at the right time.

  • Create or modify your own global or local business driver with one click.

  • Maintain a single standard workforce model throughout the enterprise, even for entities with different business and revenue models.


Cooperate to develop a dynamic personnel plan

Deploy self-service tools to allow managers to integrate recruitment strategies with their business plans while allowing human resources and finance departments to understand current and future expenditures.

  • Share plans with business leaders and people managers-while restricting access to sensitive data.

  • Allows anyone to add input in Excel, so the plan includes key bottom-up input.

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Let everyone be reasonably arranged

Workday Adaptive Planning's human planning function solves this problem through a built-in workflow, so human resources and financial professionals can always know where to approve, and what to submit and approve.

  • Keep track of common scheduled tasks and collaborate using discussion and unit notes functions.

  • Use a powerful audit trail to monitor and correct issues.

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Analyze and adopt plans quickly and easily

Use the intuitive dashboards and reports to monitor and analyze costs, see open positions, and break down your workforce distribution and composition.

  • Evaluate the abilities of your current employees to meet future needs, prepare for promotion or transfer, and avoid risks.

  • Track your plan according to the actual situation, analyze the coverage and gaps of the plan.

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Seamlessly integrate manpower planning and budgeting with financial planning

Manpower planning should be an integral part of corporate planning. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can automatically provide data from multiple sources, including HCM, CRM, GL, and ERP systems, so you can use the actual data of the company to plan the number of employees, wages, bonuses, payroll taxes, and working hours.

This integration can help you reduce the risk of errors and free up time to focus on human strategies. Most importantly, you can quickly deploy Workday Adaptive Planning for employees without IT assistance.


Create scenarios and manpower plans across different business units

With Workforce Planning in Workday Adaptive Planning, you can create business scenarios and standard manpower plans across complex and multiple business units. Manage a single strategic labor model distributed throughout the enterprise, and construct a specific business and income models for each business unit. 

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Closely link planning to execution and analysis

To be more effective, your workforce plan needs ERP and Human Capital Management (HCM) data to gain insights into key personnel indicators and actions, and act as a driver for financial planning and reporting.

On one platform, analyze key skill requirements, identify gaps and how to best fill them, and then use the business process framework to put the plan into action on Workday.


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