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Companies comments on quickly reforcasting on Adaptive during Covid19

Director of Financial Planning and Operational Analysis


“The adaptability of Workday Adaptive Planning in the midst of this crisis has been phenomenal. A couple of months after we went live with our annual budget process, we pivoted to month-to-month forecasting in just 4 days so we could better manage the COVID-19 impacts on our operations and patient care.  And a few weeks after that we modeled 3 scenario cases for our CFO and Finance Committee to better guide them on making business decisions.”


VP of Finance


“As a private equity and venture-backed software company, it has been important to understand the potential impact of the current business disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first thing we did was to look at our rolling forecast, changing the key drivers that would affect revenues, expenses and liquidity. Using Adaptive, we were easily able to isolate and create multiple scenarios to model the impact of significant changes in attrition, renewal rate, our revenue-based pricing model and collections. This gave us a comprehensive look at the short- and long-term risk to the business, specifically in terms of our liquidity position. We then quickly built financial models which helped us take actions necessary to insure that we have the liquidity we need to weather the worst case scenario.”




“With Adaptive, we’ve adopted continuous planning and have the ability to let the data tell the story, which is guiding us through these unprecedented times. Adaptive allows us to ‘move at the speed of smart.’”




"Context: The ApolloMD team needed to analyze and adjust their business, as they continued to look at decreasing ER patient demands and elective surgery declines in the face of forced cancellations. 


“Using Adaptive Insights, our finance team ramped up scenario planning, increasing our activity by at least 50 percent, in order to weigh the various outcomes we could see as a result of changing business needs. By incorporating both financial and operational data, as well as evaluating workforce requirements, these insights allowed our team to be very agile and continue to adjust our resources and spend.”


"""One of our healthcare customers began to adjust their plans in February as the impact of COVID-19 seemed imminent. They experienced a nearly immediate impact once the shelter-in-place orders hit, as people stopped going to emergency rooms and elective surgeries were postponed in response to the virus.

They immediately kicked into high gear with modeling and scenario planning using Adaptive Insights to figure out what the near future would look like as patient volumes decreased.

The finance team ramped up scenario planning, increasing their activity by at least 50 percent and giving access to senior executives as well so all could use the data to weigh the various outcomes as they made critical business decisions.

As a result, the CIO told us that he feels like they are in a great place and set up for success. He believes they can easily navigate changes and reporting now. As he says, Adaptive is allowing him to “move at the speed of smart” during this difficult time.


Controller/Finance Transformation


Controller/Finance Transformation, RATP Dev USA "With all that is going on with COVID-19 situation, we are in weekly forecasting mode. The positive side is that with Workday Adaptive Planning, we have been able to put scenarios together in no time and the flexibility has been a game changer. Based on the data we put together the team made high level adjustments to top line revenue, came up with a plan on how to manage expenses, and got real time visibility into how these changes impacted EBITDA.”

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