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Customer Story: SuitePlus

Don’t Worry, We Speak the Language

Local compliance issues are a frequent barriers within the software industry. In order to successfully implement any type of software you must verify its compatibility with local and national laws. SuitePlus has identified these issues and developed a fully functional platform to roll out Netsuite in Brazil. Taking into account laws, customs, and language, SuitePlus has hit the Brazil market running with no signs of looking back.

At a Glance



Industry: Netsuite Implementer

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: December 2012

Why Contivio?

  1. Pricing

  2. Routing

The Price Is Right

One of the biggest hurdles SuitePlus faced was identifying a solution that met their functionality needs, at a reasonable price. Because their agents handle calls at a variable rate, they were looking for a solution that was flexible, not billing their inactive users. With they were introduced to a pricing model based on concurrent users, which was exactly what they were looking for.

According to Marcus Rocha, “Pricing is always a huge factor when it comes to buying software. Fortunately with not only is their product offering substantial, but their pricing is extremely reasonable.” continually impresses us. We incorporate new features daily, enhancing our customer service.”

Skills Based Routing

International companies must structure their workforce to accommodate non-native languages. Because SuitePlus conducts business both domestically in Brazil and abroad, it is important to have qualified agents to handle calls in other languages. In order to ensure calls are handled by qualified agents, SuitePlus was looking for a solution that could route calls based upon certain skills. “Skills based routing was a must have feature for our company, with we rest assured that calls are being routed accordingly,” Says Rocha.[vc_button text=”Back to Customer Success” type=”primary” outlined=”” align=”left” target=”” url=”/solutions/contivio/learn/”]

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