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Extra Speed for Extra Space

Customer Story: Extra Space Self Storage

Extra Speed for Extra Space

Extra Space helps households and businesses maintain control by providing additional storage units at low rental prices. Through their flexible storage terms, the rental process is quick and easy, and enables their customers the flexibility to move in right away. Recognized as the industry leader in Asia, Extra Space continues to be the most familiar and trusted brand in their industry.

At a Glance



Industry: Storage Units


Customer Since: August 2011

Why Contivio?

  1. CRM Integration

  2. Customized Reporting

  3. International capabilities

  4. Pricing

Customer Personalization Is Key

With Offices located throughout Asia, Extra Space carries a team of seasoned contact center agents to handle both inbound and outbound call traffic. Because their agents handle hundreds of calls per day, Extra Space identified a need to have live call screen popping off their internal CRM. After their search and selection process ended by selecting, Extra Space now generates screen pops in a matter of minutes using Contivio’s patented CloudConnect tool.

Project Manager Daphne Lim has noticed a vast improvement in customer satisfaction since implementing and utilizing CloudConnect. “Our agents no longer need to manually search for customer profiles on live calls, instead pops the profiles real time.”

“Contivio has decreased our overall call handling times, while increasing our daily work productivity.”

Reports Inform Decision-Making

By analyzing’s real-time statistics and reports, Extra Space is able to track whether their time and resources are being allocated efficiently. With offices located all over Asia, reports must be generated for each contact center, which made such an ideal fit. provides the flexibility to generate reports as often as needed and/or send them electronically.

According to Project Manager Daphne Lim, “We use our reports to determine whether we need to hire more full-time staff, seasonal workers, or part-time workers for our different departments.”

Flat Fee Pricing, Full Functionality

“Pricing was the main differentiator that set apart for us. Not only did they meet all of our requirements, but they offered everything at a very fair and reasonable price” Lim explains.

During the selection process Extra Space understood that a solution needed to possess all the standard contact center features, have the flexibility to implement changes real time, and be economically feasible. With they not only found exactly what they needed, they were able to grow into the other offered functionality.

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