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Why 64% of Tech IPO companies choose NetSuite for their cloud ERP system?

According to data provided by Oracle, 64% of startups with successful tech IPOs have been using NetSuite since 2011!

NetSuite, Cloud ERP system that has the world's No. 1 share , has functions such as ERP / financial accounting, CRM, and e-commerce fully integrated into one application. It seamlessly realizes "centralized management" and "visualization of management".

NetSuite's all-in-one business system supports startups, SMEs, and large companies, and it improves your business efficiency with the latest cloud ERP. Start-up companies are particularly distinctive, small and dynamically changing, and can change business models overnight and make them grow exponentially. Traditional solutions cannot meet industry-specific requirements such as quote-to-billing, procurement-to-payment, and logistical, as well as project management, resource management, revenue update management, and project billing. The only ERP solution that can meet the needs of this industry is a cloud ERP solution. Shearwater provides optimized solutions for software, services, and start-ups to solve the challenges companies face.

Shearwater Group has been named a 5 Star Partner in NetSuite's Best Partner Program as a partner for customer success and support. We have the most track record in all over Asia , and we provide project management, consulting, development, cooperation with other systems, etc. all as a one-stop service. Since we have our own overseas bases (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia), we provide generous support even at overseas expansion destinations. Click here for cloud ERP NetSuite . Please feel free to contact us for information , free demos, free online seminars, etc.

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