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Webinar: Recalibrating for the New Normal - CFO stories

Date: Tuesday 25th August


1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST

3:00pm - 4:00pm NZST

11:00am – 12.00pm SGT HKT

12:00pm – 1.00pm JST

Duration: 50 minutes plus Q&A


Vince Randall, Senior Director, Planning & Analytics, Workday Murray Naismith, CFO, Cox Automotive Australia

Join us for this webcast to learn how successful FP&A teams are managing the new "normal"  and adapting how they create, plan, execute, and evaluate their initiatives during times of disruption.

Hear from Murray Naismith, CFO of Cox Automotive as he discusses their  strategies to:

  • Respond to market volatility and disruption 

  • Quickly build out multiple ‘what if’ scenarios

  • Rapidly develop models

  • Distribute accurate information to management/key stakeholders quickly and in real time 

  • Spend more time on productive, value add discussions instead of checking formulas and worrying about the accuracy of the numbers.

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